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What Are the Benefits of a Radiator Flush?

Aradiator flush provides numerous benefits for your vehicle's cooling system. It is a relatively inexpensive service that should be done once a year or per your manufacturer's suggested interval. Before we get into the benefits, we should go over what a fluid flush is. There is a major distinction between a flush and drainage of coolant in the radiator, so make sure you stay tuned for more information.


Flush vs. Drain

Flushing your system requires us to squeeze the several gallons of coolant, and any contaminants out that may have built up in your cooling system. A flush is a full-proof way of getting rid of the old anti-freeze before adding fresh fluid in. On the other hand, drainage only removes roughly 50% of the total anti-freeze in the system and leaves the other half of the dirty fluid behind. Leaving some of that gunk behind to be mixed with clean liquid doesn't do any good, so a flush is your best betto obtain a better-performing cooling system.


Benefits of a Radiator Flush

  1. Removes Rust and Scale Deposit – Over time, rust and scale deposits can collect within the radiator. As mentioned before, a will rinse and remove these deposits out of the entire system. If you leave the contaminants in there too long, it can cause a clog that may lead to overheating or even damage your radiator.
  2. Lubricate the Water Pump – Getting a flush can extend the life of your water pump, which is responsible for the flow of coolant to the engine.
  3. Inspection of System – A flush is a much more detail-oriented procedure. During the service, we will perform a complete inspection of your cooling system. Our techs can do pressure tests to check for leaks in the system. 
  4. Protection Against Rust and Foam – The fresh anti-freeze/coolant will have additives that work better to prevent rust and corrosive properties from developing. It will also prevent foaming.

If you suspect you require a radiator flush soon, please do not hesitate to reach out to the experts at Kwik Kar Auto Repair. 

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