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How to Detect the Different Types of Fluid Leaks

Your car has six essential fluids that can sometimes leak in some circumstances. Some leakages are more of a headache than others; nevertheless, leaks are never a good indication. You should remain calm and take your car to the repair shop whenever you notice unusual puddling near your vehicle. Here is a quick guide on how to detect the different types of vehicle leaks:



Coolant leaks are often bright green, orange, or pink in color. Leakages of coolant are more common for older cars since newer vehicles are better engineered to contain the solution. Your vehicle may be at risk of overheating if the coolant is leaking, so please have a professional look into it immediately.



A dark brown or black puddle is the most prevalent sign of an oil leak. Engine oil leaks result from a damaged oil pan or gaskets. If you notice a dark pool under your car, you must have your leak patched up ASAP.



Transmission fluid is usually a pinkish-red color, so it's usually the easiest to detect. It is crucial to have your vehicle's transmission inspected and analyzed to determine what kind of repairs you need. 


Power Steering

If the pooling contains a liquid that smells similar to transmission fluid, it may also be power steering fluid. This type of liquid can flow from the engine bay and signify that your steering functions are deteriorating. You may notice handling problems coupled with the leak.



Brake fluid is usually a yellowish color, and it sometimes has a fishy smell. If you detect this foul smell around your car, your braking system is at stake. You will need a certified tech to inspect your braking system quickly.


Windshield Wiper Fluid

Wiper fluid is usually translucent pink or blue in appearance. These punctures typically happen when the tubes to your wiper fluid are damaged.


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