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How to Maintain Your Vehicle's Braking System

Your car's brake system is arguably the most important safety feature, which is why you should be taking care of them. Usually, brake pads will last about 50,000 miles, but it's best to replace them as soon as you catch signs of wear. The interval between replacements can also vary depending on the type of conditions you drive in and your driving habits. Here are four essential tips to help you preserve your brake system and its parts. 

Tip #1 - Avoid speeding

We're all aware of the dangers of speeding, but it can also be harmful to your brakes. If you have to decelerate rapidly or come to a complete stop after heavily accelerating, it can prematurely wear down your brakes a lot faster. In other words, brake pads wear out quicker when there is more energy they have to put out. It's best to slow down slowly and steadily. 

Tip #2 - Only use 1 foot to brake

This tip may be silly, but you should only have one foot on the brake or acceleration foot pedals (not one on each). 

Tip #3 - Avoid carrying heavy loads

If you tend to pack and store a lot of random rummage in your vehicle, all of its weight can add up. If you plan to transport heavy items, try to keep them at a minimum and remove whatever's necessary when you're done. Bulky things will put a strain on your brakes, leading to premature wear.

Tip #4 - Bleed and flush your brakes

Auto experts recommend that car owners should have their brakes bled and flushed every few years. Brake flushes include a new set of brake fluid to make your braking process more efficient and seamless. It also helps to keep the parts lubricated and running longer. 


Brake maintenance is necessary because harmful contaminants, including moisture, can seep into your brake fluid and produce corrosion. If you want to extend the life of your brakes, you should start following these tips as early as today! If you require any type of brake service, you can trust our certified techs to get the job done. Please call or come by one of our Kwik Kar Auto Repair locations today!

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