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Usually I am one to stay away from any establishment that uses a "K" in the spelling of their name instead of the correct Oxford Dictionary version. These kinds of places often come complete with a rednecky, hillbilly vibe (Kwik, Kustom, Kuntry, you get the picture), but I make an exception for this establishment. Initially I visited purely for the convenience of location, but the service I received on both my previous and current vehicle keeps me coming back. Today it was a tire rotation and pressure check. First I called to make sure they could work on my car without the dealer having a hissy fit (damn european imports - it's american or a pacific rim import next time). Having got the green light, I brought my car in and despite having all 6 auto bays full, they managed to get the work done in less than 20 minutes. They also did not try to sell me anything else (and never have). The front counter guy, Dan, was friendly, matter-of-fact and efficient, not only with me, but in his interactions with other customers as well. And the price was under $20. Kudos for Kwik Kar!

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