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Great place with honest people! Dennis and Dontell are awesome! They saved me about $200 on car repairs. Highly recommend for all your car repairs!



I went in for an oil change, they just took my truck and didn't really tell me anything. When my truck was done they let me know and I went to check out, the guy was not very nice and i didnt do anything to cause him to be that eay


This is my first review on anything. I just can't skip my experience with this People. Srry for my bad grammar. English is my second language. Anyway...The inspection state sticker is the only thing that I needed. This was my first time at this place cause is near home. I own a 2010 toyota corolla. They claimed that my gas cap (and my wiper blades. Not problem there) were insecure. In order to pass it they had to change them for new ones. Ok I said... 3 days later the engine light, the VSC light and the one next to it just suddenly came on. I went to confront them. These black dude fix the problem by reseting the system and said that I needed to secure the gas cap really really thigh. If that not solved the problem then come again and we replace it....Mmmm...all right... Three days later...again. The lights came on. I was attended by other employee with this attitude like if He was really bored by talking with me and with his job. I explained what happened. He check the system and said that there's a leak somewhere and they needed to make a diagnosys for ninety dollars. I said to him...(one more time)...that the other person told me to bring it to replace the gas cap. Then he said...well.. Go buy a new gas cap in the toyota dealer... Really???and what about the one that I bought from u.... Well... U need to replace it... WHAT???.what kind of game r u playing I just want it to be change for a new one......mmmm.... Let me call someone else... O_o Then he did the exact same thing. Reset the system. 3 days later the lights are back... They didn't want me to replace the gas cap by saying that the problen is somewhere else...the gas cap is fine and dandy he said...And they had to make the diagnosis in order to find what's wrong. I told him that I was done with them. And that I was gonna take it somewhere if he care....I went with this friend of mine that works in the SEARS auto care in preston rd. near the valley view mall. He said that they don't do that kind of service (diagnosis) but what if I tried it to put the old gas cap back on... He reset the system... and it's been almost 2 weeks since then... I'm thinking to make a drive by and throw to them their deffective piece of crap...hahaha...XD. Once again srry for my bad grammar. By the way.. I never saw the black dude again, probably it was just the spirit of a good employee there hahaha...

dear customer We are under complete new ownership since then please give us a try to see the difference

- Kwik Kar Auto Repair - Parker Road

I took my car here 13 months ago to recharge my a/c and in the process of doing so, I was told I had a leak on my low side a/c port. I was charged for it to be fixed and I was told there were no leaks. 13 months later the low side Schrader valve that they charged me to replace was leaking again. And all my refrigerant escaped out with it. I brought it in to get the low side port fixed and they misunderstood me. Charged the whole system and was trying to charge me 125$ that's 35 more than what's advertised. So they then pull it back in the back to discharge the refrigerant and send me on my way. After they replaced the valve they said it checked out for no leaks. So they accepted blame that they caused the leak but would not cover the 125$ Very bad experience.


Absolutely horrible service. Way overpriced. Same services paid for at other KwikKar locations would have cost $40 less.

Dear Cary Ever since your visit we did change ownership if you would like to come try us out again your more than welcome

- Kwik Kar Auto Repair - Custer Rd.

Talk to Dr. JD, we you have your vechile running new again.



After never having a good experience at these places I decided to try one more time. Stopped in to get an oil change and windshield wiper replacement and to my surprise the guy that greeted me was overly friendly and got me right in to get my work done. Aaron the manager came out to greet me as well and surprisingly he didn't try to up sell me to any extra services (like most places would). He let me know that even though I didn't pay for the extra fluid fill up he took care of a few things that were low at no extra charge. That was unexpected. The waiting area was the cleanest I've seen in one of those places as well. I normally don't write many reviews but this place have me a little faith to come back instead of going to the dealership.


Aside from the receptionist not being too swift, I had a fine experience. Went in for an oil change and inspection. 15 min later, the tech informs me that my car is ready, only to find out he only did the inspection. Even though I asked for oil change as well. No big deal, he quickly grabs my car again. A few minutes later, he shows me under my hood a couple of issues. Needed new air filter and a belt. He showed me where the issues were and even threw in a wiper blade i desperately needed on the house since I had these unexpected issues. He was very nice and had my car good to go shortly after that. He worked with me on the price of said work too. I'll be back for sure

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