State Inspection Allen

State Inspection Allen

State Inspection Allen

In March 2018, a Texas law requiring annual vehicle inspection was partially repealed. The law that was enacted all the way back in 1951 demanded that all privately owned vehicles undergo yearly state inspection in Allen and other Texas towns. Democrat Eddie Lucio of Brownsville was one of only four Lone Star State lawmakers who opposed Senate Bill 1588.

Whether or not privately owned cars and truck require state inspection in Allen and other cities, commercial vehicles will still be required to undergo an annual safety inspection. Houston and several other regions that boast strict air quality restrictions will continue to call for yearly vehicle inspections and emissions tests.

In addition to reliable emissions testing, state inspection Allen involves a 20-point evaluation of a range of automotive components, including windshield wipers, horns, mirrors and seat belts. Tail lights, turn signals, license plate lamps, gas caps and tires are also checked out during an annual Texas auto inspection Allen.

Emission Testing: Who Needs It?

Gasoline powered vehicles in a number of Texas counties require annual emissions testing. The counties include Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Montgomery, Collin, Dallas and Denton. The counties of Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, Tarrant, Travis, Williamson and El Paso also require regular emissions tests. Diesel vehicles and motorcycles are not required to pass annual emission tests but must undergo periodic safety inspections, explains the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Cars that were made prior to 1968 can be tested for emissions and serviced at Kwik Wash in West Allen at 1209 W McDermott Drive. Here you can get parking brakes tested on cars made before 1961, too.

Check Engine Lights

If you are tooling around town in your truck, and suddenly the Check Engine light comes on, pull over as soon as it's safe, and give us a call. That “idiot light” can mean a lot of things, and it's best to diagnose the problem, whatever it is, sooner than later. Reasons a check engine light comes on include the following.

    O2 sensor issues Gas cap is loose or missing Catalytic converter problems Mass airflow sensor issues Spark plug issues

Out of State Vehicle Registration Renewal

If you are not in Texas when it's time for your annual state inspection in Allen, you may be able to self-certify from your remote location and renew your car registration without a physical inspection, explains the Texas Department of Public Safety. Of course, you will have to meet certain criteria to register this way. Full-time students, active duty military members and seasonal Texans may qualify as can elected officials, RV drivers and owners of apportioned vehicles. For additional information, be sure to contact your local county tax office.

Kwik Wash is more than just a great place to get your car cleaned. When you need a state inspection in Allen, come on in, and we'll get the job done pronto. For store hours and driving directions, give us a call at (972)646.2897.

State Inspection Allen
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State Inspection Allen