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What Is An Engine Misfire?

Engine misfire is a common term in the automotive repair industry, but what does it actually mean? To give you a full understanding, we’ll present you with a scenario. Imagine you're driving and going to press your foot on the acceleration pedal, and you notice that your vehicle hesitates. Your vehicle takes longer to process and go up to speed. It may shake or vibrate your vehicle as it does this. In the worst cases, the engine may lose complete power for a brief second. This is what a misfiring engine is like, and it is not a pleasant experience for many drivers.

An engine misfire is a term used to say that a cylinder in the engine fails to power your car. There are many processes and parts to account for in the combustion and ignition process, such as spark plugs, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, oxygen sensors, filters, and more. It can be one or more of these parts that fail that lead you to the scenario described above.

When your engine misfires, it goes through many of the symptoms we mentioned above. Following the events, you may notice a yellow warning light on your vehicle’s dash. This is the check engine light, and it is a warning light that you should never overlook. As soon as you catch this on your dash, it is important that you bring your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop for a proper diagnosis by performing a computer diagnostics test. 

Computer diagnostics is the modern way to pinpoint many issues, including a misfiring engine. It involves technological equipment, state-of-the-art scan tools, and other equipment in combination with a technician with expertise and training to pinpoint your vehicle’s problem. Your vehicle’s computer is likely to spit out a code during the test, which will help one of our technicians locate and understand the problem better. 

Engine misfiring is one of those issues that are on the serious side of auto repair, so we urge you to please not ignore it. If you notice a check engine light on your dashboard, we welcome you to bring your car, SUV, or truck to Kwik Kar Auto Repair for accurate diagnostics and superior repairs today!  


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