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Does Hot Asphalt Wear Out Your Tires Faster?

Ah, summertime - the season of sun-soaked adventures and road trips! As temperatures rise, so does the heat radiating from the asphalt on our roads. While we may seek relief from the scorching sun, have you ever wondered how hot asphalt affects your car's tires? After all, the reason they wear out is contact, and when heat is added, aren't things supposed to get worse? Let's dive in to find out if hot asphalt can speed up tire deterioration and how you can keep your tires rolling smoothly all summer long.

   Why Do Tires Wear Out More When It's Hot

Understanding tire composition is crucial to grasp its response to hot asphalt. Modern tires are made of a blend of natural and synthetic rubber combined with other materials like steel and fabric. These components are carefully engineered to withstand various road conditions, including extreme temperatures.

Hot asphalt during summer can indeed influence tire wear. When the ambient temperature rises, the asphalt can reach scorching temperatures, sometimes exceeding 150°F (65°C) or more. As your tires make contact with the heated road surface, they absorb and retain some of that heat, leading to increased tire temperature.

Elevated tire temperatures can accelerate tire wear and lead to potential issues. Excessive heat can cause the rubber to soften, resulting in reduced tire tread life. In extreme cases, the heat may cause tire blowouts, compromising both safety and driving experience. The combination of hot asphalt, high ambient temperatures, and heavy loads can exacerbate tire wear. Overloading your vehicle or driving at high speeds can generate additional heat, putting even more strain on the tires and reducing their lifespan.

   Tips to Protect Your Tires from Hot Asphalt:

Proper Tire Maintenance
Regularly inspect your tires for signs of wear, including tread depth and uneven wear patterns. Maintain proper tire pressure, as underinflated tires generate more heat and are more prone to damage.

Rotate Tires Regularly
Rotating your tires at recommended intervals ensures even wear, distributing the load evenly across all tires and extending their life.

Choose the Right Tires
Selecting tires designed for summer and high-temperature conditions can help improve heat resistance and performance.

Avoid Overloading
Be mindful of your vehicle's load capacity and avoid exceeding the recommended weight limit to prevent unnecessary strain on the tires.

Moderate Speed
Driving at reasonable speeds not only enhances safety but also helps reduce tire-generated heat during hot summer days.

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