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Monthly Archives: September 2022

Why Can’t My Car Battery Hold a Charge?

Why Can’t My Car Battery Hold a Charge?

Jumpstarting your car can serve as a temporary solution, but if your battery is on its way out, it will keep dying. The same clicking and sputtering from your car battery can be annoying and having to deal with it more than several times can be infuriating. There are several reasons why your car can’t hold a charge: You keep leaving your lights on or another accessory running, so that power from the battery is constantly being drawn.  The battery isn’t being recharged while your car is running, which means you are dealing with an alternator problem. You haven’t driven long enough after jumpstarting your vehicle, so your battery wasn’t able to recharge. The battery is very old – when vehicle batteries are five years old or more, they are no longer capable of holding a charge for a long time. You’d have to replace the car battery to restore your vehicle.  A dead battery is no fun to deal with, which is why we encourage drivers to demonstr ... read more

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