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What Is Brake Fade?

What Is Brake Fade?

Brake fade is a condition that affects brake systems in which the braking force applied to the rotor decreases, most commonly due to heat buildup. When this happens, the temperature of the fluid rises, causing it to become less viscous and more difficult for it to transmit pressure from the master cylinder to the slave cylinders at each wheel. This can eventually lead to a total loss of braking power. What Causes Brake Fade The heat can cause the brake fluid to vaporize, and the vaporized fluid can't transmit pressure or the liquid form. This can lead to a decrease in braking power and, in some cases, a complete loss of braking ability. Brake fade is usually caused by extended use of the brakes when they're hot. For example, they'll get hot if you're driving down a long hill and using your brakes to slow down at the bottom. If you then have to stop quickly, you may experience brake fade because the brakes won't have enough power to stop your car. Regular Brake ... read more

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