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Monthly Archives: November 2021

How To Diagnose a Battery Problem vs. Alternator Problem

How To Diagnose a Battery Problem vs. Alternator Problem

Starting problems are annoying and a major inconvenience for many drivers. Most people are quick to put the blame on their vehicle's battery and immediately grab their jumper cables. But, some car starting problems can also be at the fault of other parts like your alternator. Before examining your vehicle's warning signs, you need to know how these parts operate.   A car's electrical components go through a three-step process to start and run your engine. The battery brings a jolt of electricity to the starter. Once your engine gets going, it puts the alternator to work. Finally, the alternator's movements are responsible for charging the battery. As you can see, these parts ultimately rely on each other to function.   To determine which electrical component is at fault, you can closely examine the warning symptoms. Dead Battery Symptoms Dim Dashboard Lights Battery Corrosion Battery Age (2-5+ Years) Car Doesn't Start (At All) Failing Alternator S ... read more

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