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Monthly Archives: March 2022

5 Spring Car Cleaning Tips

5 Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Who doesn't want to drive into spring with a sparking and shiny car? The beginning of a new season is always excited as it feels like a fresh start. Spring is all about renewal, and what better way to freshen up than to clean your car. Here are some of our favorite tips for car cleaning: Vacuum Interior Surfaces Most people will wash the outside of their vehicles and completely forget about the inside. This time around, make sure you remove all trash from inside your vehicle. Declutter and organize your belongings. Last but not least, vacuum up and dust, crumbs, etc., that have been sitting on your mats.  Pay Attention to the Tires When spraying off your car, please make sure to give your tires a good clean. Your wheels are the only parts that make contact with the road, so it's especially important that you provide them with attention. Plus, some of the road salt from the winter could've stuck around.  Clean the Glass Surfaces Please remember to regularly c ... read more

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