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When to Replace Your Drive Belt

When to Replace Your Drive Belt

The drive belt, also known as the serpentine belt, is a long rubbery stray that brings some of the engine’s energy to power many systems throughout the car. It is located near the engine and “snakes” around various pulleys and rotating cams to transfer power to multiple components, including the: Alternator Water Pump  A/C Compressor Power Steering Pump Like the other belts in your vehicle, the drive belt typically lasts 60,000-100,000 miles before needing a replacement. When it is time to service the serpentine belt, you should leave the job to professional mechanics. Belts are hard to get to, and the job can be very labor-intensive without the right tools and expertise.  Why You Should Replace It Before It Breaks You should replace the serpentine belt before it breaks. It is so integral to your vehicle’s performance that if it does, it can cause your car to overheat, battery to die, A/C to stop working, and more. Fortunately, you can tell when ... read more

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