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State Inspection Plano In Texas, as in other states, you must have your vehicle inspected before it can be registered or licensed. Emissions inspections are mandatory within 90 days of the purchase of your vehicle. The vehicle must comply with the federally mandated clean air requirements in order to be allowed to be driven. Your car must also be tested before you can renew your registration. There are a number of places where you can get a state inspection in Plano.

Emissions Testing in Texas

Everyone who owns a vehicle must get an inspection. You can obtain a state inspection in Plano at nearby mechanic locations including Kwik Kar. Texas has simplified the registration process to make it easier for residents to get their vehicles registered. They call it the “two-step”. The first step is to have an emissions inspection done. This can be done at one of our local Kwik Kar locations.

Once you have the inspection report you can renew your registration online, by mail, or in person. The inspection status is recorded so that it can be easily verified online. At the time of your state inspection in Plano you’ll need to pay that portion of the fees. When you register with the state you’ll have to pay the remainder of the fee. This portion is listed on your renewal notice.

Getting an Emissions Test

Kwik Kar offers emission tests at their Plano and other locations. Simply make an appointment and we’ll run an emissions test on your vehicle. We are listed with the State of Texas as an emissions test provider. The test results are electronically provided to the state so they will have record of it. Once your emissions test is complete you’ll be able to register your vehicle.

You can also receive a printed copy of the test results. We provide 1-year annual safety inspection certificates and OBD annual emission inspection certificates. Some of our locations also provide motorcycle and trailer certificates. Check with our facility to learn more about the tests offered there.

At Kwik Kar we provide high quality automotive services at several locations in Plano. Our mechanics are highly trained to perform inspections as well as many other types of mechanical repairs. Our other services include brakes, oil changes, tune ups, shocks and struts, batteries, belts, starters, alternators, fuel injection systems, air conditioning, and tire rotation, and most other services.

We also check your engine light to find out the problem. Our mechanics also take care of all maintenance concerns including checks that are required at intervals of 30K, 60K, 90K, and 120K miles. We help you keep your car running properly, regardless of the make, model, or year of the vehicle.

Kwik Kar offers specials from time to time. Coupons must be presented when ordering service. You’ll save time by making an appointment ahead of time. We offer convenient hours and are open on weekends to accommodate all of our customers. Check our “Specials” section online to find our current coupons and discounts.  State Inspection Plano
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State Inspection Plano