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State Inspection Dallas Texas takes emissions control seriously. It is important to help keep our air and environment clean and free from toxins. Every vehicle that operates in the state of Texas must undergo an emissions test. In Texas, the emissions test process consists of two steps. The first step requires you to get a state inspection in Dallas or in your local town. Once you have successfully completed the inspection you must then register your vehicle with the state of Texas.

Emissions Testing

Emissions testing can only be completed by an authorized company such as Kwik Kar. Testing is done using special equipment designed to test and measure emissions. A vehicle must pass the test in order to be eligible to obtain state registration or to get a registration renewal. State inspection in Dallas is necessary for all vehicles before they are allowed on the road.

It is important that you have your vehicle inspected because otherwise you won’t be able to legally have it on the road. The good news is that the process for testing is fast and easy so it won’t take very long to complete. Only once your vehicle has passed the emissions test will you be able to go to the next step – obtaining your renewal.

Types of Emissions Tests

There are several types of emissions tests so you’ll need to see which one is necessary in your case. You can find this information on the renewal letter you received in the mail. 1 year annual safety inspections are the most common type and are available at our Kwik Kar locations. This is the type of inspection needed for registration renewal.
Most vehicles on the road today use an OBD system that maintains and records codes that come from your vehicle. You must have an OBD inspection completed because it looks at the recent problems that have been recorded with your vehicle. If you have a check engine light, it’s possible you won’t pass the OBD emissions test.

Vehicles that are from 1995 or older may not have a code recorder installed. These vehicles must undergo a special ASM or TSI test in order to pass emissions. Please keep in mind that not all locations are equipped to handle this type of state inspection in Dallas.

Problems with Emissions

If your car has the check engine light on or has exhaust problems, it may not pass the stringent requirements of the emissions test. In this case, you’ll need to make some repairs before you can obtain a registration renewal.

At Kwik Kar, we are experts at emissions systems and are able to assess the situation to determine what is necessary to repair the problem. Our experienced mechanics know exactly what to look for in order to resolve emissions test results.

Kwik Kar offers a wide range of automotive maintenance and repair services for all of your needs. We have extended hours and are open on weekends for your convenience. Call us today to schedule an appointment or stop by one of our locations.  State Inspection Dallas
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